On A Different Note…

I thought I’d talk about something rather different today! A change from the diet side of things, to the fashion side of looking good.

I found a fantastic new business that sell hair bows, called Bowtique Bows! I saw them on twitter and I thought people would be interested as they’re new, so new in fact that their website hasn’t been launched yet! However, you can follow them at @BowtiqueB on twitter! They’re planning on a launch in September I believe! The reason they caught my eye is purely down to the beautiful handmade designs and the way they’ve been photographed is amazing.

They have a few sample photographs and if you’re interested in giving them a review, they’ll send you some hair bows free! All you have to do is tweet them!

Here are some of their products:





Water and Our Bodies

It may surprise some people to know that people who are muscular have more water in their bodies than people who are overweight – that is because muscle is about 75% water, while fat is just 25% water. This is part of the reason that muscle weighs more than fat and why people who are physically fit require more water than people who are sedentary and overweight.

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Food Fact of the Day

If a 200 pound (14 st. 4) person sits for about one hour they will naturally burn around 100 calories; standing they would burn about 110 calories. However, if that same person walks about 3 miles in that hour they will burn approximately 400 calories.

Food Fact of the Day

20130728-091324 PM.jpg
Fruit flavoured snacks are made with the same wax found in car wax. Carnauba wax, a key ingredient in car wax that produces a brilliant shine, is also found in gummy bears and fruit flavoured snacks. Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree, native to Brazil. The leaves are beaten to loosen the wax and then the wax is refined, bleached and sold. While it may also be found in floor polish, shoe polish, or cosmetics, carnauba wax is used to give a glossy shine to many things you put in your mouth, such as chewing gum, candies, gravies and sauces. It is also commonly used on pharmaceuticals as a coating on tablets to aid swallowing.